Channel 83/Sci-Fi Western Catalog

Welcome to the Channel 83/Sci-Fi Western Records online catalog. Below is an index to the hottest bands in the hemisphere. Simply click on the name of the band you want to see, and you will be taken to the part of the catalog that contains the bands offerings. Happy hunting.

Sci-Fi Western Catalog (Rockabilly and related musics)

Big Sandy & The Fly-rite Boys

On The Go (No Hit)

Fly Right With (Dionysus)

First and second CDs from L.A.'s kings of Western Swing.

CD: $12

The Belmont Playboys

Wolf Patrol (Teen Rebel)

Hard hitting, in your face, ROCKabily. This band plays it with balls, but not distorted.

CD: $12

The Crazy Rhythm Daddys

Self Titled

Very cool Western Swing from Canada.

CD: $14

Ronnie Dawson

Money Beat (Crystal)

Rockin' Bones (No Hit)

The one and only Blond Bomber old and new. Rockin' Bones, Ronnie at 17 singing his brains out in the 50s. Money Beat, Ronnie playing with some of the best around.

CD: $12

The Legendary Masters Rockin' Bones (Crystal)

This is everything Ronnie did in the early days. With 17 unreleased tracks and 34 tracks all together. Don't think twice.

2-CD set: $22

The Frantic Flattops

Hi-Fi Honey

Yes, it's tough guys. That hopped up three piece from New York that can't stop touring.

CD: $12

The Hyperions

Dark Time (Fiasco)

Spookabilly live from the Palomino in L.A.

CD: $12

Jack Knife & The Sharps

Self Titled

Ace Cafe (Outta Control)

Minneapolis' oldest neobily band. Playing now for 8 years. Slick as hell.

CD: $14

The King Rats

Hold On Tight (Other People)

Rockabilly pop. Swing yet glossy. From Canada.

CD: $14

The Moon Dogs

Knock Out Beat (Keiulia)

One of Chicago's best slicked up rockabilly bands.

CD: $12

7"-Low Rider b/w Layin' Railroad Tracks (Victory)

Way Cool.


The Planet Rockers

Coming in Person (No Hit)

Spacebilly from Nashville.

CD: $12

7"-Rampage b/w Thunder Road Rock (Planet)

7"-King Fool b/w Snap-Jack (Ho Hit)

Nashville-billy on Wheels.


The Ratted Roosters

Young & Modern (Fiasco)

Year of the Rooster (Bang On)

Modern neobilly with an edge. Almost alternative. From Canada.

CD: $14

The Razorbacks

Live A Little

Go Go Town

This band is another modern billy band that Canada loves to kick out.

CD: $14


Cool Hand (Ruby)

A unique softer approach to billy, that flows so sweetly.

CD: $12

Sonney George

Rockin' Country & Western Roundup

Big Boss Man & Planet Rockers lead vocalist debut. Sings songs for truckers and & wild women.

CD: $12

The Tiger Sharks

Walk With Me

Very limited. From Canada.

CD: $12

Three Blue Teardrops

Poised in Hate

This is a revamp of the killer Nerves release from England. Rockabilly theme song for a new generation.

CD: $12

The Vibro Champs

The Stimulating Sounds of...(Sci-Fi Western)

Stranger Than You Think (UltraModern)

This band just jumps in it all. Can not be pinned down to save your life; mostly rockabilly, swing, & instrumental.

CD: $12

Besame Mucho b/w Magic 8 Ball (Sustones)


Voodoo Swing

We're Usin' Code Names (Cool Cat)

Well, Okay Then (NRC Records)

First & second CDs from this mixed class rockabilly statement. You'll love it.

CD: $12

Surf & Instrumental

The Finks

Fill'er Up and Go (Dionysus)

Awesome reverb drenched surf from the homeland.

LP: $12

The Exotics

Go Go Guitars (Sci-Fi/Tiki)

16 swingin' surf numbers slick as can be. From Milwaukee's own sons of reverb.

CD: $12

7"-Goofy Foot b/w Guitar Twist & The Switch


Huevos Rancheros

Dig In (Mint)

Way cool rock & roll instrumental all the way from Canada.

CD: $14

The Huntington Cads

Go Exotic (Mai Tai)

Rockin' and moody instrumental from a couple of ex-Finks.

CD: $13

Shig & Buzz

Double Diamonds (Mai Tai)

Early 60s British style guitar instrumental in the vein of the Shadows.

CD: $13

The Tiki Tones

Idol Pleasure (Mai Tai)

Reverby surf guitar, wailing Farfisa organ and distant Tiki chants.

CD: $13

Beat, Mod, and Garage

The Bent Scepters

Blind Date With Destiny

These guys rip it up in many ways. Beat and surf with some odd twists, just like I like it.

CD: $12

7"-She Freak b/w The Curse (Prescription)

Beat mod addicts from Iowa City, Iowa.


The Cow Slingers

Off the Wagon and Back in the Saddle (Drink N' Drive)

Cow punk faves. All of their singles packed into one CD. Can you believe it?

CD: $12

The Kaisers

Squarehead Stomp LP

In Step With LP

Beat it Up CD

The #1-2-3 LPs from Edinburgh's kings of Merseybeat. Can't miss!

LP: $12

CD: $12

Los Marauders

Every Song We Fuckin' Know (Teen Beat)

It's hard for this band to keep a low profile when they're banned in Iowa.

LP: $12

EP-You & Los Marauders b/w Lone Twister &Wicked Beat (TeenBeat)

With a Chug-A-Lug game and a signed porn card. Adults only.



For a Life of Sin nos. 1 &2


Chicago insurgent country at its best with cuts from Moonshine Willy, The Riptones, The Sundowners, and Jon Langford's Hillbilly Lovechild.

CD: $14

Instrumental Fire

Cool compilation with Los Infernos, Bomboras, Ben Vaughn, The Fathoms, Tiki Tones, Tiki Men, and 10 more.

CD: $13

Rock Don't Run Vol.1

New 18 track guitar instomania, featuring Laika & The Cosmonauts, Los Straitjackets, The Kaisers, The Halibuts, The Fathoms, Thee Phantom 5, The Panasonics, and more.

CD: $14

Secret Agent S.O.U.N.D.S.

Super Spy instrumental by today's top instro bands like Man or Astroman?, Los Strairjackets, Huevos Rancheros, Combustible Edison, Tiki Tones, and 8 more.

CD: $14

Think Link

Featuring Southern Culture on the Skids, Man or Astroman?, The Cowslingers, The Frampton Bros., and more, all pay homage to Link Wray on 10" Vinyl.


Various Artists

Black Rock 'n Roll Vol. 1

Artists from the 50s and 60s like Peppermint Harris, Lightnin' Hopkins, Joe Tex, Screamin' Joe Neal, and more. 30 big tracks.

CD: $14

Country Hicks Vol. 1

Contains vol. 1 and half the tracks from vol. 2. Off the wall hillbilly from the 50s. With Webb Foley, Carl Phillips, and more. 24 songs.

CD: $14

Desparate Rock n' Roll Vols.1-5

Two CD set ( 30 tracks each) all in one package. Your brain will melt to this twisted madness of rockabilly, Rn'R, and what have you.

CD: $18

Rock n' Roll Orgy Vols. 1,2, & 3

\ 20 tracks of rockabilly on each disc from Sonney West, Gene Norman, Dwight Pullen, Don Willis, Gene Norman & many more. Can't miss this one.

CD: $14

Wavy Gravy Vol. 1 (Think Link)

Finally on CD, 50's & 60's B-Movie. Songs by Bo Diddly to Leather Boy.

CD: $12

Singles and 7 inches

Eddie Angel's Dinosaurs

Jurassic Beat b/w Caveman (No Hit)

Eddie Angel is the guitarist for the Los Straitjackets and Planet Rockers.

7": $4

Hi-Fi & The Roadburners

Hurricane b/w Rocket to Mars (Victory)

Stomp R n' B with lots of tattoos.

7": $4

Three Headcoats

Something Wrong b/w It's your fault (Dionysus)

The beat punk poet, Billy Childish.

7": $4

The Monsters

The Creature from the Black Lagoon b/w S.O.S. & Jingle Bells (Dionysus)

Swiss psychobilly madness.

EP: $4

The Neanderthals

Werewolf From Outerspace b/w Betty Lou's Got a New Tattoo

Also features Eddie Angel.

7": $4

The Royal Crowns

King of the Joint b/w The Mariachi vs the Bullfighter

This band from Boston rocks!

7": $4

The Spectors

Girl of Your Dreams b/w In My Grave (Prospective)

Hailing from Minneapolis, their beat is nothing short of murder.

7": $4

Channel 83 Catalog (also includes TRG titles)

Birds at the End of the Road

Queery *new*

The Birds at the End of the Road have changed their name to Mother Factor. Learn it, memorize it, and love it. If you liked the first CD, you'll love this one.

CD: $13

Chowderbox (CH83)

If David Geffen had any sense, he would be stopping payment on that advance to Varuca Salt and dumping his hard earned into this Chicago quartet.


Cathy Braaten

Ride the Fader

A gritty mixture of blues, folk rock, and Cathy's strong confident voice soaring above it all.

CD: $13

Cave Music

The Banjo from Hell

You should buy this one just because it's "Prozac Rock" played with a banjo through a Waa-Waa pedal.

CD: $13

Celibate Rifles

Platters du Jour (Hot Records)

CD: $15

Cher UK

She's a Weird Snack

Go Go Fish (Red Decibel)

CD: $13

Colfax Abbey


Penetrate (Prospective)

CD: $13


Ends in Fantasy (Guilt Ridden Pop)

CD: $12

Dillon Hicks

Won (No Alternative)

CD: $13

Dumpster Juice

That Not So Fresh Feeling

Get That Out Of Your Mouth

Who Died In Here (Spanish Fly)

CD: $13

Dust Bunnies

Shishkabam (Rad-Z)

CD: $13


Present General Conditions (Guilt Ridden Pop)

CD: $8

Ed Kuepper

Sings His Greatest Hits For You

Frontierland (Hot Records)

CD: $15


Feral (Prospective)

CD: $13

Ghost Dance Deluxe

7in.-Ghost Dance b/w Mission Impossible (CH83)

Cut on red vinyl.


Straitjacket (CH83)

A fusion of rap, hip-hop, and hard rock considered the wildest mix around.

CD: $13

Green Machine

King Mover

Sonic Labotomy (Prospective)

CD: $13

The Early Mammals

Dinosaur Omelet (CH83)

This Jurrasic breakfast is served with cunning lyrics backed by a frenzied intensity.



Maximum Joy (No Alternative)

CD: $13


Love American Style

Snowball's Chance (Spanish Fly)

CD: $13

Lemon Grass

7in.-Paul's Rip Off b/w Winston (CH83)


Transmission (CH83)

College rock with spunky rhythms and shiny bright guitar licks. Some jangle, some rumble, and some are in between.

CD: $13




So Many Dynamos (Spanish Fly)

CD: $13


Kill The Memory

Desparate Living (Spanish Fly)

CD: $13

Savage Aural Hotbed

Cold is the Absence of Heat (UltraModern Records)

CD: $13


!Davesnakedass! (Spanish Fly)

CD: $13

Sleep Capsule


Pink Eye (Spanish Fly)

CD: $13


Blood, Smut, and Tears

Secret Center (Spanish Fly)

CD: $13

Spank the Monkey

Pets or Meat (CH83)

A zany compendium of frenetic, rousing punkfunktionism with good sexual advice.

CD: $10


Split Level

Take a Ride (CH83)

Modern classical, relaxing, out of the ordinary instrumentals that sooth the savage soul. Mixed with intricate R n' R to psychedelic vocals.

CD: $11

The Apartments


Evening Visits (Hot Records)

CD: $13

The Beatifics

How I Learned to Stop Worrying (No Alternative)

CD: $13

The Delilahs

Dying to Build a Bridge (October)

CD: $13

The Honeydogs

Everything, I Bet You (October)

CD: $13

The John Ewing Band

Delta Flares (TRG)

CD: $13

Titanic Love Affair

Their Titanic Majesties Request (No Alternative)

CD: $13

Willey Wisely

She (October)

CD: $13

Channel 83 45s, EPs, and 7in.

All 45s, EPs, and 7in. are $4

The Contras

EP-Fingernail Polish b/w I Ain't a-Studyin' You Baby & The Last Year (Sus)

The comeback "Hit" from the Rock n' Roll kings of quandry.

Dylan Hicks and the 3 Pesos

7in.- Time Capsule b/w Derivative of Eight (Pro)

EP- I'd Rather be on my Bike & Coupon Man b/w Chump Change & Stump Remover

Demented 3 eyed quack music with the youthful beefheart vocals you've been looking for.


7in.- I am the States b/w Retarded Triplets (CH83)

Jazzcore best describes this astonishing trio's brand of alternative punk.

The Romulans

7in.- Billy the Monster b/w Black and White Days

7in.- She's Tara b/w Psychedelic Kingbee

7in.- Alias Lovely b/w In the Corner of Your Room (Sustones)

Comnitted psychadrone from Madison Wisconsin's scooter trash feens.

Skeleton Ed

7in.- Fridley Bound b/w Cows Come Home (Pro)

EP- Summer & Good Girls b/w Edge of my Bed

Hyper power pop from one of the best.

The Vandalias

7in.- Build This House b/w I'd be a Boy (Pro)

The Vandalias are a cartoon band with strips in AP to SPIN.

Silo the Huskie

Hard driving college rock in the style of Neil Young and the Replacements.


EP- In America b/w Faceless (CH83)

A hook laden melodic offering by a talented, flannel clad quartet from Minneapolis.

Metal and Speed


Anytime, Anywhere (Red Decibel)

CD: $13


Requiem (CH83)

Power driven speed metal with intricate rhythms packaged in artwork by H. Bosch.

CD: $10



Disturbing the Peace (CH83)

Minnesota's nastiest metal band; raw, unyielding, chaotic, and painfully brilliant.


Glazed Baby

Karmic Debt

Atomic Communists (Red Decibel)

CD: $13


Undead Things

CD: $13

Wake Up Screaming (CH83)

Former Combat/Relativity artists, the shock-rock crew that the PMRC loves to hate. Metal at its best, with lots of blood and guts. Right up to your ears.



Mas Optica

Choose to See More (Red Decibel)

CD: $13


13 Nightmares

CD: $12


Mortal Fear



D.O.A. (CH83)


Intriguing blend of gothic drone, technical riffs, and humorously twisted dark lyrics. Darksider metal from the cult heroes themselves.

Soilent Green

7in.-Nothing to Offer b/w Madonna Mother (CH83)

Speed metal meltdown, offers plenty of power and energy. Precise yet dramatic.


Humanity (CH83)

Fast and furious morsels of intricate progressions and thought provoking lyrics.

6 song EP: $6

State of Mind

Mass Persecution

Bangers and slammers beware; this cerebral metal trio will melt your headphones.


Swingin' Teens

Live @ Hairy Mary's (Prospective)

The midwest's quintessential raw power quartet LIVE.

CD: $12

Tribes With Knives

You May Safely Graze (Red Decibel)

CD: $13

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