Coming from a backyard in Smalltown, USA, singer/songwriter Cathy Braaten explains her songs as a "mixture of factory toughness and agricultural stick-to-it-tiveness". On Channel 83 release Ride the Fader she wears those roots on her sleeve. Special guests on Ride the Fader include Willy Porter, guitarist extraordinaire, Elaine Harris (Trip Shakespeare) on drums, and John Eller, guitars and co-producing with Braaten.

This past summer, Braaten was also selected to join various artists to perform at the 100th Olympiad in Atlanta.

Others have this to say about the seven time Nashville Songwriter Festival award winner:

Cathy Braaten is an oddly distinctive amalgam of influence: Springsteen, say along with Howlin' Wolf and Melissa Etheridge. (Patrick Beach, DES MOINES REGISTER) extremely talented female singer/songwriter who may join the likes of Chrissie Hynde and Michelle Shocked if she gets the attention she deserves. (Craig Vanderah, CAKE)

This chick can knock you on your ass without even trying... (Joanne Cammarata, CHICAGO SHOWCASE)

This was an unbelievable in-store!! She played a 45 minute powerhouse set to 75 people who were blown away by her showmanship...she can hang with Sheryl Crow any day of the week. (Kevin Gross, BEST BUY STORES)

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