You Can Now Listen to The Channel 83 Web Site

Channel 83 Records has samples of the hottest music in the Twin Cities available for your purusal. The samples are located on the individual band pages that are located in the Bands section of our web site. For example, if you wanted to hear a sample of the latest Cathy Braaten CD you would start from the Channel 83 Home Page and click on the link called Bands. You would then click on the link to Cathy Braaten's page. On this page there is a section that contains three, thirty second samples. There are two ways to hear these tantilizing titles, an easy way, and a hard way:

The Easy Way

Download Netscape Navigator version 3.0 or Internet Explorer version 2.0. Each of these browsers has the capability of playing .aifc or .wav files without having to rely on a helper application. Once you click on a sample you want to hear, the browser opens up a separate window with playback controls similar to a CD player. The reason for the separate window is to allow you to continue browsing around the web site while the music downloads (which could take up to a few minutes depending on your modem speed). Once the download is complete, the music will start playing and you can control playback with the controls in the new window.

The Hard Way

If you do not have Navigator 3.0 or Internet Explorer 2.0, you will have to download a helper application and configure it to work with your browser. The program that works best with the Macintosh is SoundApp. This program also allows you to convert sound samples to other formats.

The program that you will want for Windows 3.1 is WPLANY. The sources of these programs also tell you how to configure your browser. If you have any problems, contact our Web Site Designer Brent

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