MN One of the states hardestworking and bestdressed combos, The Vibro Champs play rockabilly without nostalgia or mothballs. The most infectious band in the Twin Cities!
The Minneapolis Star Tribune,

The rumors of the death of rockabilly have been greatly exaggerated, The Vibro Champs are vibrant examples that the genre is still alive and kicking
Tail Spins, IL

captures the best of the Fender Sound

I will take anything I can get from these guys.
Cake, MN

Their ability to keep cool and sound dangerous at the same time won me over
Scene Zine, MN

do not miss a beat on Little Red. Showing here that their rockabilly and early rock roots run deep.
The Wrap Up, MN

Hot stuff in the frozen northland
Houston Press, TX

The brightest light burning on the midwest roots and rockabilly scene
Muse News, IA

What the world needs now is a full length Vibro Champs release
Original Cool, VA

a swinging shot of martini-minded retro rock
Pandemonium, WA

How to have a darn good time in Minneapolis... Real live music, The Vibro Cahamps ripping rockabilly
Rolling Stone, NY

grooving issues from The Vibro Champs, Who take Joao Gilberto hot-rodding, and tease more than your hair with their surfswank instros In Minnesota in the 90s, the smart set spells rockabilly V I B R O C H A M P S.
Tom Surowicz

The band is always sharp as a tack
David Schimke

The Twin Cities most passionate rockabilly champions
XL entertainment

A vibrant force on the Minneapolis scene
TX Critics Choice

Minneapolis and Rockabilly two of my favorite things together
Public News

Their tape has taken up permanent residence in my cars tape deck
Des Moines Register, IA

Smart enough to depart from the program...
Isthmus, WI

High octane rockabilly!
The LaCrosse Tribune, WI

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