Larry Long

Atomic Theory Records is pleased to announce its association with former Flying Fish recording artist, Larry Long, and the release of a very unique recording. Boasting a generous 18 songs and over 60 minutes of music, Living In A Rich Man's World serves both as a reissue of the outstanding 1981 self-released album (vinyl only) which inspired Studs Terkel's praise, and with the addition of six old and new recordings, also serves as a career-spanning retrospective of folk, country, blues and swing.

Living In A Rich Man's World; 18 songs/61:56:

Hauling Freight, No Fences
Western Plains
Rain Is Falling
Back to Montana
Matthias Dahl - The Violin Maker
Got To Have Money To Make Money
Agent Orange (My Country 'Tis Of Thee)
Pope County Blues
Uncle Mel
The Band Played The Beer Barrel Polka
Working Shoes
Dr. Maissey
Living In A Rich Man's World
Timber Of Love
Hennessey's Bar
Farm Song
Also look for Larry's latest album, The Psalms (to be featured here soon), a solo guitar/vocal album of original songs inspired by various books from the Bible chapter of the same name. Heavy. Next year, for the first time on a compact disc, look for Larry's first two albums on Flying Fish Records, Run For Freedom and Sweet Thunder, to be released by Atomic Theory as a single disc.

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