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We've Got the Blues

The James Solberg Band

See That My Grave ]s Kept Clean (ATD 1117) 12 Songs \ 53:24
"Excellent, straight-ahead blues." - BLUES revue

"A formidable contender in the guitar blues arena." - Blues Access

Rogers, Hickey, Sumlin & Friends

Bill's Blues (ATD 1112) 9 Songs \ 42:14
Legendary bluesmen Jimmy Rogers and Hubert Sumlin introduce harp protege, Bill Hickey.

"Long-time fans of Hubert Sumlin should not miss (Bi[l's Blues)." - BLUES revue

Willie Murphy

Piano Hits/Hits Piano (ATD 1113) 13 Songs \ 63:30
Solo piano/vocal release from the producer of Bonnie Raitt's debut album and frequent "Spider" John Koerner collaborator.

City & Country Folks

Thea Ennen & The Algorhythms

Hold Back The Sun (ATD 1116) 13 Songs \ 49:53
Recommended "forty-slacker folk." - Rolling Stone

"Fans of bands like Uncle Tupelo and The Jayhawks should take a listen." - Option

Judd Herrmann

Homeless In The Heart (ATD\ATC 1115) 14 Songs \ 44:51
"... The songwriting debut of the 90's - certainly for Minnesota, and possibly the rest of the nation." - Twin Cities Reader

Larry Long

Living In A Rich Man's World (ATD 1114) 18 Songs \ 61:56
A true American Troubadour." - Studs Terkel

"lf the folk scene has produced an heir to Woody Guthrie, it has to be Larry Long." - CMJ

Phil Heywood

Some Summer Day (ATD\ATC 1105) 15 Songs\ 52:53 (Instrumental)
Acoustic folk guitar wizardry from a national champion player.

A World of Music

Various Artists

Atomic Theory Records 10th Anniversary Collection (ATD 1111) 20 Songs \ 77:48
".. a nice memento of a small, broad-minded label that was ahead of its time, as well as good, adventurous listening." - Dirty Linen

The Four Brothers

Makorokoto (ATD\ATC 1106) 16 Songs \ 78:01
The best of Zimbabwe's #1 pop group.

"..the essential Four Brothers retrospective, Makorokoto comes highly recommended." - Folle Roots

Ipso Facto

Carry On (ATD\ATC 1110) 13 Songs\ 61:41
"lpso Facto...makes a convincing bid to become America's leading reggae group...incorporating elements of funk, rock, and rap with greater finesse than more renowned groups trying the same approach." - Request

The New International Trio

The New International Trio (ATD\ATC 1102) 15 Songs \ 54:38 (Instrumental)
Traditional Cambodian folk music and instruments. Scottish pipes, recorder, virginal and harpsicord - a cross-cultural delight.

"Resists all categorization...somehow it all works." - World Beat

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