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Jeremy (bass) - Brett (guitars, vocals) - Christian (drums)

Milk was born in the heartland in the spring of 91' on a quiet velvet street . There deep inside the stomach of Middle America, three beings, half human, strapped on the utensils necessary for the creation of amplified sound.

In the spring of 92' Milk put out it's first 7" on Spanish Fly and used it to tour the U.S. . A few singles later Milk released their first full-length CD, "Ear" and in 94' released their second CD, "Succeeding/Receding" on Spanish Fly. Both of these releases received much critical acclaim from the press and college radio.

Milk spent 1995 touring the U.S. and writing the material for their third offering, "So Many Dynamos". By fall they were ready to hit the studio again. They decided to go to Pachyderm Studios in lovely Cannon Falls, MN and record with Brent Sigmeth.

The chemistry was there and the results are yours to savor.

album mini So Many Dynamos
released: 9 April 1996
Spanish Fly Records - TTR 89287

album mini Succeeding/Receding
released: 1994
Spanish Fly Records - TTR 89272

album mini Ear
released: 1993
Spanish Fly Records - TTR 89247

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