Mindphaseone employs analog technology to create our sound. Most of the vocal work done on the album was taken directly off vinyl, and mixed in the traditional DJ style. For that we thank our resident Beat master DJ Drone. All of the tracks on the album were recorded live. There was no multi-tracking done to create this sound. We feel this keeps the sound innovative and fresh. Here is a list of some of the equipment we used to make the first album, and a few shots of our studio.


Studiomaster P7 24x8

KRK 6000 monitors

Roland TR808

Roland TR606

Roland TR909(2)

Linn Drum LM-1

Roland CR8000

EMU SP1200

Roland TB303(2)

Roland Jupiter 6

Roland Juno 106(2)

Korg MS20(2)

Crummar Spirit

Arp 2600


Roland JD800

Memory Moog Plus


Ensoniq ASR10

Roland SH5

Doepfer Maq 16

EML 101

Roland SH101

Korg 770(2)

Oberheim 4 voice