Links Ahoy!  

She is the Webs Farrie Queen and we are lucky enough to have her as part of the team, check it out for 
yourself and see what I Mean
 Weisman museum  Home of Future Perfect 5 and a swell museum to boot
 Walker Art Center  Home to Future Perfect 4, and one of the coolest museums in the world
Intermedia Arts  Home to Future Perfect 6 (Nov 14 1998) check out the art cars...
American Composers forum
 A wonderful organization, home to Sonic Circuits, You really should be a member...
 Tierney Bros.  They are the ones who rent us all the really great video gear!!

 Radio K

The U of M's Radio station, and the only one worth listening to in Mpls
Hyper Real a great sorce for all your music needs....
Richard For Cerebellum Lorren Stafford(a most happy sound) main ensamble
Tempest A site about the wonders and joys that are Rob Williams
Larry Long Social Historian, folk singer and for some reason he's down with us.
Ousia The Future perfect House band
Mindphaseone Members of Auto Kinetic with DJ Drone, listen to these guys
Savage Aural Hotbed Industrial Taiko
Listening room The Liquid audio Listening room for all the UltraModern records