A fierce blending of Electronica, using all the ammunition in the pop culture canon, to create a representation of your best night's dreams. A seamless blend of live and recorded music. Portrait of a DJ as a young artist. Like a Be In but about Now, (without forgetting about yesterday). Receptors on full, jacked right into the neural net, just on the edge of sensory overload. In the pre millennial age we need to come together, if not to a higher sense of consciousness, at least into a state of conscious, an awareness of the things going on around you, and there it is Future Perfect. Not tomorrow, just today.  

Future Perfect is a sound system, integrating music, abstract sound,  video and light to create an environment. A cross cultural concept mixing classic and popular electronica, tape loops, found sounds and concept music. To create a trance inducing soundscape, and presenting it in a challenging and interesting environment: DJ's, musicians, visual artists, and social historians working together to define a new musical frontier, while showing the world in which we live, in a different light. 

Future Perfect is organized and orchestrated by Chris Strouth but it is the combination of lots of different people and energies working in concert to create something beyond any one individual. Using any of the tools of media at hand from the web to vintage TV equipment. Formed in Dec' of 96 starting at the legendary Minneapolis night club First Avenue. The road since has taken it out of night clubs and put it into museums and art centers. Future Perfect has put on shows at the Walker Art Center, the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, and in November at Intermedia Arts. The First Future Perfect record "Music for Listening" was released in October of '97 with a second due in the Fall of '98. 


Future Perfect Contributors have included 

A Most Happy Sound
Kevin Cole
Colfax Abbey 
DJ Drone 
Keri Halverson
Hard Knee (Greg Stevens)
Lost in Translation
Magic Lantern Light Show

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