Rank Strangers

1. smash it !
2. I am in mourning for my life
3. ana voog is sleeping
4. rayner park
5. just desserts
6. october twenty-seventh
7. graveside manor
8. dust is in the air
9. planetarium
10. niagra falls
11. local band
12. ps get rest

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five seven five hagadorn music 1999

Veto number 12.

vocals, guitars, etc.-mike wisti
bass-davin odegaard
drums-brien lilja

recorded may-december 1998 at albatross
mixed at third ear and albatross
mastered at wild audio

art layout and design - steve koester
cover - overton cleaver/nudemoor gruel
band photos - jill mClean

HTML 1998-1999 Charles Gillett, Art and Photographs 1993-1999 Rank Strangers.