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Promotion Department
Band Bios - High Resolution Scans

These pages are mainly here for our friends in the media. Linked to these band names are the official label bios and high resolution photos that you can download and use as you see fit.

The Beatifics - Photo only

Brother Sun, Sister Moon - Photo only

Colfax Abbey - Photos only

Darling - Photo only

Dwindle - Photos only

Future Perfect - Photos only

Greazy Meal - Photo only

Dylan Hicks - Photo only

The Honeydogs - Photo only

Lifter Puller - Photo and bio

Likehell - Photos only

Magnatone - Photos only

Ousia - Photo only

Rank Strangers - Photo and bio

REO Speedealer - Photo only

The Replacements (1985) - Photos only

Savage Aural Hotbed - Photos only

Screamfeeder - Photo only

The Suicide Commandos (1979) - Photos only

Deniz Tek - Photo only

The Vibro Champs - Photo only

Vinnie and the Stardusters - Photos only

Willie Wisely - Photos and Bios