Americans For Radio Diversity
"Teleconned: We Want the Airwaves"
No Alternative Records
TRG 89380 (1998)

Soul CoughingLazy Bones - Thrush Hermit Songs For The Gang - Matt Wilson Blue Elektra - Kristin Hersh Shake - Triple Fast ActionUnderwear - His Name Is Alive Jump The Boy - Dead Hot Workshop Feel - Ani DiFranco 32 Flavors - Firewater I Still Love You, Judas - Nicole Blackman with Scanner What I Want for Christmas - Low Blue Eyed Devil - Ben Folds Five Theme from "Dr. Pyser" - Magnatone Made of Trouble - Walt Mink Erasable You - The Lemon MerchantsIšll Be Famous - Dylan HicksCrybaby Crusade

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This benefit CD compilation for Americans for Radio Diversity contains 16 previously unreleased and hard-to-find tracks from performers who value diversity and creative expression in radio - you'll recognize a lot of them as artists who sell records in your store despite low-to-no airplay and a general lack of marketability. All artists' record royalties and No Alternativešs profits are being donated to Americans for Radio Diversity, a Minneapolis-based activist group that formed after the takeover and shutdown of critically-acclaimed radio station Rev 105. Current ARD issues include legalizing microbroadcasting in the U.S., reforming the 1996 Telecommunications Act, supporting community stations and educating the public in regard to their participation - and rights - in radio.

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