The Incredible Smoking Bongs
Cured and Ready For Smoking
TRG Records
TRG 89360 (list $13.98)

Chronic for the Green - Tell the Truth - One Cookie or Two - Modern Day Patriot - Roman Time - Glow for Me - Land of Lies - 12 Hour Days - It's Not my Fault - I Don't Know - Lowertown - Couch Potato - Racism

"I love coming to the Twin Cities and partying with my favorite band, The Incredible Smoking Bongs." - Phil Anselmo of Pantera to a sold-out Target Center (Minneapolis, Fall '96)

The Incredible Smoking Bongs are a Twin Cities-based, four-piece (guitar, bass, drums, sax), hard-rock band whose sound might also be characterized as punk or alternative rock. The Bongs mix politics with their music, including, of course, a hard-core commitment to the reformation of marijuana laws. They have made numerous appearances at various events intended to protest marijuana laws, government disinformation, nuclear power, urban development, and other injustices. Local judges have gone so far as to prohibit outdoor events featuring the band on the grounds that the size of the expected crowds would pose a public safety hazard.

The Bong's debut album, Cured And Ready For Smoking, is a highly charged and wide-ranging political statement. Highlights include Chronic For The Green, One Cookie Or Two, Glow For Me, and Land O' Lies. One Cookie Or Two has already "charted", having twice made the High Times Pot Ten. In addition to the usual guitar-bass-drums lineup, most songs feature some way cool avant garde saxophone which distinguishes this album from the rest of the pack. Sure to become Beavis and Butthead's favorite new record, don't miss this smoking release..