Greazy Meal
Digitalize World Greaze
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TRG 89357 (list $13.98)

Old Soul Cafe (The Latte Mix) - HighLife (Low Life Remix) - Bullet (Ricochet Remix) - Unfaithful (The Infidelica Epic) - Vitamin U (the 8th essential remix + Iron) - Money (The Minor Setback) - The Urban Herbstramental - One Manšs Dream (The Nocturnal Remission) - Old Soul Cafe (The Latte Mix- Radio Edit) - Highlife (Low Life Remix- Radio Edit) -

Ask around in Minneapolis right now, and youšll be hard pressed to find someone that hasn't heard of, if not witnessed the kaleidoscopic live show that is "Greazy Meal".

But Minneapolis' top drawing band, and creators of the debut CD "Visualize World Greaze" are equally adept in the studio. With "Digitalize World Greaze" the 8-member alternative soul collective revisits and remixes their 1996 debut album into a wild melange of hypnotic rhythms, hard grooves and turntable mania. Utilizing the awesome talents of this Minneapolis all-star band and their tripped out sidekick DJ Pfaffoo, the tastiest licks from "Visualize World Greaze" are blended, bended and rendered anew with a sound that once again demonstrates this band's unending ability create fresh, innovative music.

A special treat for fans, "Digitalize World Greaze" will impress the ears of the uninitiated as well, with its new sonic flavor from an alternate dimension.

"More impressive than this showy crew's routinely massive draw is their ability to wrench praise out of unlikely fans in the slop-pop and sludge-rock academies."-Twin Cities Reader

"A New Flower Generation that crosses musical boundaries, racial lines and generation gaps." -Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"This collective mixes funk with hip-hop and acid jazz influences, concocting a roster of soulful original songs." -Chicago Sun-Times

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