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TRG 89352 (list $15.98)

Desolation - Everlast - Wait (For the Sky) - Fade - Not - Calculated - Unwhole - Rage - Days - Caged - Want

Electro-Industrial meets radio pop in this debut CD from Dissonance, a Dallas-based electronic dance group. Think Garbage with a deeper funkier groove; think Stabbing Westward with female vocals; think Republica with a harder techno feel; think the most compelling female voice you'll hear this year.

With an established fan base garnered through tracks on numerous compilations, and through steady live appearances in the South and Southwest, Dissonance is set to ride the crossover express straight to commercial radio.

"A pulsing, yet melodic wall-o-sound that could very well compel one to shake one's groove thing. Lead vocalist Cat Hall's voice is laid down like a half-n-half saturated swatch of velvet across a sizzling circuit board...A glossy symbiosis of electronics and humanity." -CAKE

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