The 93-7 Edge
"The Best of 1996"
TRG Records
TRG 89350 (list $9.37)

BLIND MELON - galaxie ... BUSH - come down ... DISHWALLA - counting blue cars ... POE - angry johnny ... NO DOUBT - i'm just a girl ... DYLAN HICKS - police state ... FLIPP - hairdo ... LIKEHELL - land of gold ... KING CAN - flight of the doo doo bird ... 12 RODS - chromaticly declining me ... COOPER - bees

From one of the leading alternative stations in the country... the Twin Cities' 93-7 Edge (KEGE) is pleased to present "The Best of 1996."

The Edge has always been about music. They wanted to make sure that a few of the artists that helped define alternative music in 1996 made it on their annual CD. (as always all profits go to charity) The Edge has been able to secure exclusive tracks from No Doubt , Poe , Dishwalla and more. Plus a live in The Edge Studio's track from Blind Melon recorded just two weeks before Shannon Hoon's untimely passing.

You will also find great unreleased tracks from some of the bands that are keeping Minneapolis at the forefront of ever developing local music scene.