Think Tank
Hakatak International
TRG 89344 (list $9.98)

A Knife & A Fork - That's The Way - On Beyond Zebra - Baphomet - The Screen (Pissed-Off Mix) - Kobiyashi Moru

Can you say...

"Subvert the dominant paradigm?"

Following hard on the heels of their September full-length, here comes THINK TANK with a new EP chock full of rarities and remixes, including two new remixes of their 1991 underground monster "A Knife & A Fork."

THINK TANK - Musical MSG for the masses --- Gobble it up and an hour later, you'll be back for more!

THINK TANK - They don't dance; they don't sing; they don't play instruments. But they sure as hell know how to shred your subwoofer!

THINK TANK - Electro-weed-whacker for your mind!

THINK TANK - Certified 100% non-organic!

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