Think Tank
Hakatak International
TRG 89332 (list $15.98)

Hack 2 - The Screen - Tanknology - Anticipatory Retaliation - No Kiss Kiss - Homefront - Unrealpolitik - Tempest - Jingo Lingo - Skullbuggery - Googelplectic

Paul Robb, founder and main songwriter of the gold- and platinum-selling Information Society, emerges after four years of self-imposed hibernation with this ultra-heavy slab of techno-industrial mayhem. Between 1988 and 1993, Paul Robb cracked Billboard's Top 100 seven times (including the #1 smash "What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)". And now he's back with a new dose of digital damage, THINK TANK.

THINK TANK mixes equal parts Wu Tang Clan, Chemical Brothers, and KMFDM, seasons the concoction with giant scoops of mangled media samples, and lays the whole mess on a bed of hard-ass techno and trip-hop beats. The final product can only be described as "SKULLBUGGERY."

THINK TANK - Chip-hoppin'-eardrum-poppin'-slicin'-and-dicin'-lowdown-four-on-the-floor-funky-ass-old-skool-syncopatin'-lawsuit-creatin'-genre-twistin'- electro-fistin'-Gibson-story-livin'-non-organic-finger-givin'-Disneyworld-dissin'-background-noise-hissin'-subwoofer-blowin'-60-cycle-hummin'-808-kick-drum- slammin-cyberboogie-jammin'-compucore-crackin'-mainfame-hackin'-synthesizer-smackin'- circuit-fryin'-media-mojo Monsters! Enough said?

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