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"Monoatomic" 7-inch out now
On Ultramodern/Prospective Records


  • Is A Groop
  • Thinks music is still something called "Art"
  • May be a lover, but they ain't no fuckin dancers...
  • Are Residing in the Twin Cities (For Now)
  • Is Coming to a town near you: Just like Ebola
    Voted #1 Best New Band In The Twin Cities
    by Janet Ray in the City Pages New Band Poll 1995:

    "Like a drowsy hybrid of the Doors, Stereolab, and Single Gun Theory, Overblue's shadowy lyrics are drenched in thick Manchester guitar washes while the rhythm section provide the cast-iron anchor in a sea of fluid grooves and complex chordal arrangements...their upcoming "Monoatomic" single is a perfect concoction of jangly lo-fi and juicy fat textures."

    Single Back Cover Graphic: Overblue In Chinese

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