"TLA manages to combine the best of AM and underground radio simultaneously. The guitars sound twisted, but the tunefulness is pure Top Forty. Too good to be ignored."
-- Rolling Stone

"It's downright impossible to dislike Titanic Love Affair. For starters, guitarist Jay Bennett toured with Wilco and is a Tommy Keene fan, fine credentials in these parts. As it should be, though, the songs on Request are what make the record so enjoyable. Tracks like "Living On The Wrong Side," "The Last Now" and "Every Little Chance" (which would be a radio hit in a just world) are but a few example's of the record's solid, straight-ahead rock and roll, well-played, melodic and catchy."
--Magnet Magazine

"If the Replacements had formed in the 90s and had a stronger pop sensibility, they might very well be Titanic Love Affair. This band is, above all, very radio friendly. These guys have some exceptional tunes and they've sure got those vocal harmonies down."
--Babysue Music Review

"So many songs here are just begging to be huge hits ('Living On The Wrong Side,' 'Every Little Chance,' 'The Last Now,' etc.) that the album alsmost seems like some sort of 'greatest hits' package. It's that solidly good. If the thought of Dinosaur Jr. and the Replacements going to a Lemonheads gig listening to Soul Asylum and Gin Blossoms tapes sounds good to you, go get this album, will you please?"
--Third Hit Magazine

"Simple and honest on the surface, yet dripping with sarcasm underneath, Titanic Love Affair aren't afraid to play a mile wide guitar hook that'll leave you humming."
-- The Wrap Up, Minneapolis, MN