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    James Diers - vocals/guitar
    Matt Foust - guitar/vocals
    Alex Gaddis - bass/vocals
    Dave King - drums

Some bands grow on you. Love-cars don't -- unless you count the thirty
seconds it takes to come to love them as a growth spurt.

Produced by Jason Orris (Polara), their pop is atmospheric without being boring, smooth and bouncy and heartbreaking.

Look up "cathartic" and you'll see a picture of singer James Diers. "Emotive" will get you pictures of guitarist Matt Foust and bassist Alex Gaddis. Drummer Dave King, meanwhile, would show up somewhere between "busy" and "godlike." But you really ought to just file them under "L," because that's where people will look for them. And they will be looking.


Chump Lessons -- 1998

    01. somerset 121k
    02. hand over that rule book full length mp3 file!2.7 M
    03. letter grades
    04. lucky you
    05. shaping up to be
    06. this is progress
    07. northwest orient 120k
    08. blue, i read
    09. brite!
    10. broken toes

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