Slim Dunlap - Times Like This

Slim Dunlap
Times Like This
Medium Cool Records
MCR 89277 (1996)

(custom burned CD available)

MP3 Sample
Not Yet/ Ain't No Fair (In A Rock'N'Roll Love Affair)
Hate This Town
Little Shiva's Song
Jungle Out There
Cooler Then
Chrome Lipstick
Nowheres Near
Radio Hook Word Hit
Time Like This

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Produced by: "anyone handy"
Engineers: Wallace Flemming, John S. Fields, Tom Herbers
Recorded at: Terrarium, Third Ear, Pachyderm, Funkytown
Mastered by: Tom Baker at Futuredisc

Slim Dunlap
Brien Lilja
John Hazlett
Jim Thompson
Curt Almsted
Paul Westerberg
Mike Wisti

This project is "out of print." You can purchase a copy burned to a custom CD from Twin/Tone Digital.

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