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Compulsive Recorders

Backburner Records
BB 001 (December 1998)

Genius Boy - Blown Speakers - Kissin' the Wall - Walking Time - Zodiak Slave - Temporarily Healed - Hidden Trigger - Allison Hillard - Coffee Shop - Cosmic Janitor - Candyland

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'Tinker' is a collaboration between the Keneipp family and myself and features a bunch of Athens fellows singing and playing various instruments. Musically it sports piano torture, high r.p.m., two-stroke guitars, kitchen tools and a flippin' clarinet for cryin' out loud! Lyrically, you've got poked-faced serial killers, spoiled southern belles, stoned teenage nostalgia, a love song to sweets, and much, much, more.

It was recorded on 8 track digital in a swift fashion which is the way we do things if left to our own devices (and budgets).

This isn't for everyone, but if you've bothered to find this website, it may be for you.

Thank You,
Jack Logan
United States of America

You can purchase this CD from Jack and Kelly for $12.00 (postpaid)

mail order: PO Box 1212,Winder,GA.30680

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