Jack Logan and Bob Kimbell
Little Private Angel
Parasol Records
PAR-CD 040 (1998)

Four Men In A Car - Frozen Rope - Nerves Of Steel - Little Private Angel - Fire On The Boat - Just One Kiss - Look To The Future - Rained Like Hell - 220 Volts - All About Money - Not The Only One - Marchin' With The Saints - Dialing Your Number - Frozen In The Snow

Jack Logan - vocals, lyrics
Bob Kimbell - vocals, music, all instruments except...

Rick Schattnik - bass (on "4 Men", "Money")
Kelly Keneipp - piano (on "4 Men")
William Tonks - guitar (on "4 Men", "Nerves", ""Fire", "Only One") Dobro (on "4 Men", "Just One Kiss")
Tim Stephens - Guitar (on "Future", "Money")
Bob Spires - Bass (on "Nerves", "Fire", "Marchin") Back-Up Vocals (on "Rain")
Matt Lane - Drums (on "Nerves", Fire", Marchin")
Kevin Lane - Back-Up Vocals (on "Only One")
Jamie Rouch - Drums (on "Rain", "220 Volts", "Dialing") Back-Up Vocals (on "Rain")
Terry Rouch - Guitar (on "220 Volts") Percussion (on "Rain")

Recorded by:
Bob Kimbell - Wilder, GA
Brendan Gamble - Champaign-Urbana, IL
Jamie Rouch - Royal Center, IN

Mixed by: Brendan Gamble and Bob Kimble
Mastered by: Jon Pines at Private Studios in Urbana, IL
Art Work by: Jack Logan

You can purchase this CD from Parasol Records - 905 South Lynn - Urbana, IL 61801

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