Jack Logan
Bring Me The Head Of Kelly Keneipp
E.B. Music
EB 001 (1999)

CASSETTE (mail order only)
available Spring 1999

Side One: Ugly River - Cowboys and Indians - Burnin' A Book - Tears Shed For No One In Particular - Flies - Reecoil From The Clowns - Monsters On T.V. - The World Of Little George
Side Two - Do You Like It - Miss Universe - Traffic's Bad - Drunken Hillbillies - Bitter Aftertaste - No Sense Of Humor - Where I Stand - Alone - No Life At All

This is the first in a series of "Web" only projects.

Contains 8-track stuff that Kelly selected from his vast collection, Mixed directly to cassette and duplicated by hand, hopefully sound quality will improve as the serries progresses, depending on our ability to upgrade our... ahhh...technology.

You can purchase this cassette only from Jack and Kelly

mail order: PO Box 1212,Winder,GA.30680

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