This could happen to you too!

Like many people you know, Brooce, Jon and Jeff are in a band. Their band is called dwindle because they wanted a band name with one word, but two syllables. The boys in dwindle began playing music together in the summer of '93. At that time, the band included the additional guitar-playing talents of Greg.

In the summer of 94' the dwindle boys left their comfy homes in St. Paul, Minnesota to record five songs with cool guy Tim Green at his basement studio in Olympia, Washington. Upon returning to Minnesota, dwindle put out a single featuring two songs from the Tim Green session. Shortly after the release of the single, Greg left the band to pursue an even more low profile existence. Shortly after that, dwindle joined up with the brand new label Guilt Ridden Pop and their first CD/EP, Present General Conditions, came into existence. All five songs recorded during their three days in Olympia were included on the EP.

In the long years between then and now, dwindle played scattered shows throughout the U.S. and recorded a full-length CD with very nice, also very cool guy Jon Goodmanson, in Seattle, Washington. They titled their second CD Recently Okay, it was eight songs deep, but over 50 minutes long.

If all goes well, a third dwindle CD will randomly appear in American record stores in the early part of 1999. Meanwhile Jon, Brooce and Jeff continue to live in Minnesota and work, and do their music thing, just like people you know.