Water Music Compilation
Mini of Project

The Water Music Compilation Album
Various Artists

Water Music Records
TTC 88121 (1988)

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MP3 Sample
Moving Days (Cries)
Tremendous Mistake (The Wind)
Visible Man (dB's)
Like a Shadow (Who's Your Daddy)
Blue Moon (Myra Holder)
Help Yourself (Original Sins)
There's One In Every Crowd (Crazy Not To)
Hey Mr. Brown (Chris Stamey)
Good Girl Gone Bad (Tall Lonesome Pines)
Deep Blue Sea (Rage to Live)
Blinded (Faye Hunter)
J.F.K. (Mrs. Whitehead)

MP3 samples are half of the full track (128 bit rate)... if you have broadband access the sample should stream (depending on the player you are using)

Cries - "Moving Days"

Rob Grenoble - Guitar, Vocals
Keith Mac - Guitar, Vocals
James MacMillian - Bass
Robert Miller - Keyboards
Ed Shockey - Drums, Lead Vocals
Michael Shockley - Percussion

The Wind - "Tremendous Mistake"

Lane Hollend - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Katz - Keyboards, Vocals
Roy Abrams - Bass, Vocals
Ed Shockley - Drums
Fran kowalski - Vocals

dB's - "Visible Man"

Peter Holsapple - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Gene Holder - Lead Guitar
Will Rigby - Drums
Jeff Beninato - Bass

Who's Your Daddy - "Like A Shadow"

Bob Delevante - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Mike Delvante - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Mekos - Drums, Percusssion, Organ, Vocals
Brad Finkle - Bass

Myra Holder - "Blue Moon"

Myra Holder - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Chris Stamey - Double Bass
Faye Hunter - Flute

Original Sins - "Help Yourself"

John Telesky - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Ken Bussiere - Bass
Dave Ferrara - Drums
Dan McKinney - Latent Keyboards

Crazy Not To - "There's One In Every Crowd"

Richard Kennedy - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Stan Mitchell - Drums, Vocals
Jon Grindstaff - Bass, Vocals

Chris Stamey - "Hey Mr. Brown"

Chris Stamey - Treated Guitar, Lead Vocals
Mitch Easter - Guitar, Bass
Ted Lyons - Drums
Kathy Harrington - Vocals
Mary Mac - Vocals
Joel Diamond - Keyboards

Tall Lonesome Pines - "Good Girl Gone Bad"

George Gilmore - Accoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
Jan Marek Pakukski - Percussion, Lead Vocals
Danny Harvey - Lead Guitar
Allen Greller - Bass
Peter Moser - Drums

Rage To Live - "Deep Blue Sea"

Glen Morrow - Guitar, Lead Vocalss
Rich Grula - Bass, Vocals
Ed Tommey - Guitar
Elly Brown - Vocals
Bob Riley - Drums

Faye Hunter - "Blinded"

Faye Hunter - Accoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Beninato - Bass
Will Rigby - Drums
Gene Holder - Guitar
Mary Mac - Keyboards
Janet Wygal - Vocals
Amy Rigby - Vocals

Mrs. Whitehead - "J.F.K."

Peter Barnacaccio - Lead Vocals
Chris Long - Guitar
Phillip Loudermilk - Bass
Mark Kirby - Drums

Released for Water Music Records by Twin/Tone Records April 7, 1989. This album sold 779 vinyl albums and 275 cassettes. It is "out of print"

The master tapes were converted to digital in March of 2003. You can purchase a copy of the transfer burned to a custom CD for $15.00 from Twin/Tone Digital.

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