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Various Artists

Coyote Records
TTC 8559 (1985)

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MP3 Sample
Sleep With Angels (The Wygals)
Enough Is Never Enough (Rage To Live)
Devil's Train (Trigger and The Thrill Kings)
Big Fat Monkey's Hat (Scruffy The Cat)
Just A Little Is Enough (Last Roundup)
Private Doberman (Yo La Tengo)
A Plan Revised (The Trypes)
Elvis, What Happened? (Mr. Bonus)
Dreamland (Gut bank)
Stay Right Here (Deep Six)
Nightfall (Kilkenny Cats)
John Calvin (Myra Holder)
Listening To Elvis (Syd Straw)
Ask For Jill - 3D (The Jacks)
Never Comin' Home (Raunch Hands)

MP3 samples are half of the full track (128 bit rate)... if you have broadband access the sample should stream (depending on the player you are using)

The Wygals The Wygals
Janet Wygal - lead vocal, guitar
Doug Wygal - drums, vocals
Eric Peterson - guitar
Ilene Markell - bass, vocals
Gene Holder - guitar

Rage To Live Rage To Live
Glenn Morrow - guitar, lead vocal
Ed Tomney - guitar
Rich Grula - bass, vocals
Bob Riley - drums, vocals

Tigger & The Thrill Kings Tigger & The Thrill Kings
Trigger Truth - vocals, bass
Jim Duckworth - guitar
Jim Sclavunos - drums

Scruffy The Cat Scruffy The Cat
Charlie Chesterman - vocals, elect. and acc. guitar
Stephen Fredette - electric and steel guitar
Stona Fitch - electric banjo and accordian
MacPaul Stanfield - bass

Last Roundup Last Roundup
Angel Dean - lead singing
Amy McMahon Rigby - singng, guitar
Michael McMahon - lap steel
Garth Powell - bass fiddle

Yo La Tengo Yo La Tengo
Ira Kaplan - vocal, guitar
Georgia Hubley - drums
Dave Rick - bass
Dave Schramm - steel guitar

Trypes Trypes
Glenn Mercer - guitar, vocals
Stan Demeski - drums, percusssion
Marc Francia - guitar, vocals
John Baumgartner - keyboards
Brenda Sauter - bass, vocals
Toni Paruta - woodwinds, vocals
Bill Million - percussion

Gut Bank Gut Bank
Alice Genese - bass
Karyn Kuhl - lead guitar, vocals
Tia Palm - drums
Michael Korman - guitar

Deep Six Deep Six
Josh Braun - vocals, keyboards, drums
Dan Braun - vocals, bass, percussion
Phil Kline - guitar

Kilkenny Cats Kilkenny Cats
Tom Cheek - lead guitar
Clinton Hill - guitar
Allen Wagner - drums
Sean OBrien - bass
Keith Landers - guitar
Lisa Mae & Linda Stipe - vocals

Myra Holder Myra Holder
Myra Holder - guitar, vocals
Peter Moser - drums
Tom Quinn - guitar
Gene Holder - lead guitar
Al Greller Bass

Syd Straw Syd Straw
Syd Straw - lead vocal
Frank Furaro - drums
Scott Kempner - accoustic guitar
Manny Caiati - bass
Eric Ambel - elctric guitars, vocals

The Jacks The Jacks
Matthew Sweet - singing and music
Chris Stamey - music and background singing
Don Dixon - trombone

Raunch Hands Raunch Hands
Michael Chandler - vocals
Michael Tchang - guitar
Michael Mariconda - guitar
George Sulley - bass
Vince Brnicevic - drums

Trinkets bought Manhattan; Hoboken charms w/ caffeine breeze. Sing, Frankie, sing & let 1,000 howls contend - Coyote!

Released for Coyote Records by Twin/Tone Records Novemeber 20, 1985. This album sold 6,881 copies.

The 1985 analog production master was transferred to digital in March of 2003. You can purchase a copy of the transfer burned to a custom CD for $15.00 from Twin/Tone Digital.

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