hang ups press quotes


"The catchiest record of the year....Twelve addictively perfect songs." - Creem
"This is the band The La's should have been." - B-Side
"It's the aural equivalent of aromatherapy: evocative wafts of pleasure, longing, anticipation, lilacs." - Utne Reader
"...well-crafted alterna-pop with luscious singing, guitars as sweet as a flowered rayon dress....These guys met in art school under the shadow of the Replacements, and they've got Paul's brains and Tommy's charm." - Option
"...this Minneapolis quartet suggest edgy Brit poppers from the Woodentops to the La's, but the Hang Us boast creamier melodies, grungier guitars and - heck, they're just better, that's all....They dream, they groove, they rock. Catch 'em while it's still cool" - Musician
"The Hang Ups make their songs as melodically airtight as possible, hooks coating the songs thickly and slowly for an easy-going, unrushed and ideally placid debut." - CMJ
"...one of the catchiest pop-rock discs since the long-gone British Invasion days....if the catchy hook were as valuable as the Tortured Pose, Hang Ups leader Brian Tighe would be married to Courtney Love and working on the mega-platinum follow-up...#7 record of 1993." - Daily Press (Newport, VA)
"...a groundbreaking pop band....brings an unprecedented beauty to a club scene that's often been limited to loudness....The Hang Ups' careful interplay and gorgeous vocal harmony brings a warm glow to the cool, hard underground." - Minneapolis City Pages
"The Hang Ups find their place among the ranks of smart, grooving pop bands with heart and attitude." - Minneapolis Star Tribune
"Twisting around catchy, attractive songs is exactly what the Hang Ups do best. They've become more than another simple pop band." - Minnesota Daily
"...splitting the difference between Galaxie 500 and the Lovin' Spoonful." - Minneapolis City Pages
"Full of glorious melodies and classic guitar pop charm, the record is incredibly warm and inviting, and tremendously sincere throughout." - The Hard Report
"The Hang Ups appear poised to be the next big Minneapolis band." - Album Network

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