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Originally from Cincinnati, Strikeforce is a quartet that you can file firmly under hard rock. These days you can find Strikeforce packing the rock clubs in the St. Louis, Southern Illinois area. In this era of alternative/techno/rap or whatever genre of music, it's refreshing to hear straight-up rock. The new CD, Questions, lays down dramatic tracts with clarity, depth and power. Strikeforce is a band that has paid its dues, touring with such acts as Joan Jett, 38 Special, Wendy O'Williams, Steppenwolf, Richard Marx and Accept. Now it's their turn to shine with a passionate new CD that aptly reflects the band's powerhouse on-stage performance. This exciting new CD by Strikeforce is the inaugural CD project of the new hard rock tentacle of Channel 83 Records which will be referred to as Stoneface/Channel 83 Records. Guitarist Duke Jackson of Strikeforce will be heading up this endeavor so all you past and present head-bangers stay tuned and see what Duke conjures up.

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