AtomicTheory Records is pleased to offer this Tenth Anniversary reissue of Atomic Theory's first ever release, Willie Murphy's solo piano/vocal album, Willie Murphy Hits Piano/Piano Hits Willie Murphy. Willie displays his unique performing and arranging skills on this collection of blues, R&B, jazz, pop and rock covers (some standard, some lesser known) and on his own, Fairy Tale, which has become Willie's unofficial signature song. Never before available on compact disc, this Tenth Anniversary reissue has been re-sequenced for your listening pleasure and features three previously unreleased recordings, Robert Johnson's Kind Hearted Woman and Ramblin' On My Mind, and the Percy Mayfield/Ray Charles collaboration, How Do You Feel?.

Piano Hits Willie Murphy/Willie Hits Piano; 13 songs:
Pocket Full Of Money (5:25)
How Do You Feel? (3:48)
Kind Hearted Woman (4:26)
Danger Zone (5:00)
Dizzy Miss Lizzy (2:18)
Drive Me Home (4:52)
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (5:44)
Riding In The Moonlight (3:14)
Slow Long Blues/Bring It On Home To Me (6:39)
Sweet Blood Call (6:24)
Pine Top's Boogie (1:12)
Ramblin' On My Mind (6:43)
Fairy Tale (4:42)

Upon founding Atomic Theory, Willie assembled a home studio where he recorded his next solo release, Mr. Mature. Mr. Mature is a self-produced home recording experiment which includes contributions from Bonnie Raitt, avant-jazz guitarist Steve Tibbets and a who's who of Minneapolis area R&B players. During the past year and more, Willie has been developing his new band, Willie Murphy & The Angel-Headed Hipsters (Burning For The Ancient Heavenly Connection In The Machinery Of Night) and simultaneously recording two new albums - one mostly a collection of Murphy originals, the other mostly a collection of blues and R&B covers..

Mr. Mature; 10 songs
Rock A Nite (4:38)
Deeper With You (5:42)
Try Holding On To A Dream (4:00)
Only Love (5:25)
He's A Man (2:24)
Something To Cheer For (6:13)
Terry Malloy (2:25)
Somewhere Down The Line (10:10)
Dancer (5:35)
Guitar Love (5:19)

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