Phil Heywood

Phil Heywood has earned a reputation in some quarters as one of acoustic music's best kept secrets. He has won the National Fingerpicking Championship in Winfield, KS, and has taken top honors at the American Fingerstyle Guitar Festival. He has toured with Leo Kottke, even perfoming a number of duets with Kottke during those performances. Heywood cites fingerstyle pioneers Kottke and John Fahey, and all manner of country blues, as influences which he has integrated to create an appealing, personal style.

Local Joe follows Heywood's Atomic Theory debut album, Some Summer Day

Local Joe; 15 songs / running time 53:13

Home Range
Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer
I Never Cried
Lighten Up
Zulu Bob
Good Mornin' Miss Brown
Local Joe
Year of the Rooster
Sportin' Life
Steve's Song
Poor Howard
When I Feel the Sea Beneath My Soul
Counting seven Heywood compositions among its fifteen tracks, Local Joe includes songs penned by Taj Mahal and Huddie Ledbetter. A mix of vocal and instrumental, traditional and original, Local Joe should serve to establish Phil Heywood as an acoustic guitar master, and not just another, um ... local joe.

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