Judd Herrmann

Originally self-released in very limited quantities, Homeless in the Heart vaulted Judd Herrmann from complete obscurity to immediate status as a "critic's darling" of the Minneapolis/St. Paul music press, drawing frequent comparisons to John Prine and Loudon Wainwright III. With a voice best described as earnest and distinctive, Judd combines his admittedly raw acoustic guitar skills with over 20 years of pre-musical poetic and lyrical writing effort, and an accomplished band of sidemen, led by guitarist Bill Patten. In addition to the usual bass, guitar and drums lineup, listeners will find tasteful flourishes of violin, mandolin, accordion, and harmonica. Make no mistake -- this is no typical solo guitar and vocal, singer/songwriter album.

Homeless in the Heart; 14 songs / RUNNING TIME 44:01

Homeless in the Heart
Got Rid of Tina
Autumn Blue
Victim of a Victimless Crime
Newspaper Blankets
Father Bob
Jesus Only Costs About $1.89
Breakfast Down at Mickey's
Living Dead from 9 to 5
Clouds in Heaven
(I'm Gonna) Drop This Life
Here and Now
Dumpster of Love
Don't They Know
As one might surmise from some of the song titles, Judd's observations can be provocative and unsettling, earning him the sobriquet, "Judd the Blasphemer." Call him what you will, but Judd's songs are nothing if not thought-provoking. For great songs that stick with you long after the music stops, try Homeless in the Heart.

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