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Minneapolis-based Atomic Theory Records was founded in 1985 by artist-composer-producer, Willie Murphy. Willie is probably best known as the producer of Bonnie Raitt's first album and for his string of collaborations with folk-blues legend "Spider" John Koerner, whose group, Koerner, Ray and Glover, were widely considered the preeminent purveyors of white folk-blues throughout the 60's when they released numerous albums on Elektra Records. Willie's 1969 collaboration with Koerner for Elektra, Running, Jumping, Standing Still, is widely considered an all-time folk-blues classic. On the strength of that release, Bonnie Raitt enlisted Willie to produce, and his band Willie and the Bees, to accompany her Warner Brothers debut in 1971. Since that time, Willie has continued his occasional collaborations with Koerner and, prior to founding Atomic Theory Records, has also released numerous recordings of his band, Willie and the Bees.

Atomic Theory Records was first manufactured and distributed by Minneapolis-based TwinTone Records, an indie lnadmark best known for developing alternative bands like The Replacements and Soul Asylum. A couple of years later, Atomic Theory cast its lot with another indie landmark, Chicago-based Flying Fish Records, whose catalogue and operations were better suited to the variety of music being pursued by the label. Atomic Theory is probably best known for its trio of Boiled In Lead releases (Hotheads, From The Ladel To The Grave, and Orb), which combine Celtic, Eastern European and other world music styles; and for Willie Murphy s solo releases, Mr. Mature and Piano Hits/Hits Piano. The rest of the catalogue includes an eclectic mix of roots music from around the world - from country (Becky Thompson), folk (Larry Long, Phil Heywood), and blues (Rogers/hickey/Sumlin) to reggae (Ipso Facto), African (The Four Brothers), Cambodian (The New International Trio) and more.

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